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        10BIT is a new investment fund that was created from a combination of financial professionals talent with the skills of the former managing directors of the corporation. They have experience in managing large sums of money. They decided to launch a website to give the opportunity to benefit from their experience, people from around the world. They offer a wide range of investment to cater every type of investors.

        Investing with them is easy, safe and reliable. Their investment fund is composed of many experts, constantly monitoring investment markets, which gives the possibility to use every opportunity for profit. They sell and purchase the shares and currencies every day. Start earning good money with them today. Cooperation investing in direct investments and private investment funds gives them a very big advantage.

        They have prepared for you few plans with different time of duration. You can choose the most suitable for you and start earning profits.

        10BIT FACTS

        Since 1 MAY 2016


        From 0.001 BTC

        ROI (Return on Investment)
        1200% Per Year



        DOMAIN REGISTRATION 4 March 2016 – EXPIRES ON 3 March 2017 (1 YEAR)
        REGISTERED IN PANAMA – NAMECHEAP. More information on Who.is

        9 Fawcett St
        SW10 9HN

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        scam , pending from 10 days

        You have to withdraw in 10000th’s of a btc any smaller amounts in the request etc. 0.0001098 will remain pending forever.

        scam pending from 10 days

        In your account page, in the “BitCoin account field” you should type your btc address

        my withdraw still pending

        normal payments until this day.
        three payments after the recovery of the amount invested.

        What happened?

        today they paid without any problem

        I don’t believe

        I entered a withdrawl a few minutes ago and it worked… I hope, they also will pay in the future

        I think you are with them

        Yesterday i recieve payment, lets see today

        payment reccieved…

        today my withdraw is pending

        Some persons are commending as their representative

        Is 10bit.biz a scam?

        Es scam, llevaba con 10bit.boz 20 dias y justo hoy deja de pagar. SCAM

        I received yesterday and today’s payment. Lets see what happens tomorrow.


        Paid today! 🙂

        4th day and just received payout.

        Another withdrawal

        I hope and pray it continue to pay.

        Not paying anymore

        Is the payout pending? Or something else happened?







        full and immadietly pay

        Payout no problems

        Pagando magnífica página
        Larga vida

        also receipt payment TODAY

        Last night was able to withdraw, but something odd today. I go to my account and history of withdrawals and earnings are all at zeros. My deposit info is there. I should have had 0.0002 to withdraw so far today, but it was at zeros as well. I will update any changes.

        Just withdrew, but 10bit is compounding half of my earnings now. DID do not I of IT.
        I of the deposit! Go to to see the if Could the change IT. Only 50% or 100% compounding. It’s not to bad but wish I could choose to do it.

        me too, i don’t know why they do that, if they want compounding they must notice for ythe user first or they need make the note in main page

        @Khoa, you noticed that too.
        Was your account different aside from compounding.

        Sorry for type O

        Yesterday I was able to withdraw…but today all earnings are zeros and site takes forever to load

        today they paid out only the half amount and added the other half to my deposits WITHOUT ANY NOTICE. I hope I will get back my payment fully. I only have invested very less

        me too…now it would take 16 days to get back my money…who knows if they would still be alive by then

        Hi there , have u guys noticed any problems withdrawing? I couldn’t withdraw my whole compounded coins. Did anyone get the problem as well ? Really surprised that I couldn’t withdraw it all. Why are they compounding our returns ? Very odd

        Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit!

        Hi, there, me too. I want to withdraw, but suddenly it says Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit! In fact I did not make any withdrawal at all. Thats strange though. Even if I withdraw 10% of my compounded earnings, still cannot withdraw. I have posted this problem to the supporting group. But not yet reply. Its strange though, cause I recently also found out that, the supporting team seldom online right now.

        Me too, but i dont now how to back 100% withdrawal daily. actually i did not do anything why they change me to that option? because i have been invested in here 8 days already.

        contact me i will solve the problem .. skype is apna_shoaib235

        Can you really help regarding 10biz.bit?

        Today is should be 4th withdrawal, my earning 10%, but 50% of it became compounding deposit, and i couldnt withdraw the 50% remaining. It said that exceed daily limit. What did it mean? Will it become scam???

        today i Just was withdrawal, but 10bit is compounding deposit half of my earnings now. I DID not do anything. Actually,last day i could withdrawal 100% anytime but today i could withdrawal 50% and limit as well. How can i back withdrawal to 100%? please tell me about that

        The only option is compounding @ 50% or 100%. As of right now.

        I have 0.006 deposited. Yesterday I should have had 0.0006 to withdraw. But I could only get 0.0002. Plus missing payout from morning. It’s missing all together. We the investors should be able to choose if we want compounding or not.

        my account cant withdrawal and they said ” Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit! ” i dont know what happened with my account.. hmm i am really scare about that because i need my money so much..please tell me how to withdraw my daily 10% please

        This is a ponzi scheme, which has just closed up. You can surely still deposit, but from this point forward no one will be able to withdraw their money. Save your money and invest in something else.

        BTW, All high interest investments are ponzi schemes. ALL!

        Yes that could be but from last 11 days its paying but now they changed system by introducing forced 50% compound deposit of daily earning.
        That sort of actions by them pointing towards scam.
        Means that want to increase the time in which our initial invested bitcoin would come back.

        You are Right Ravibhai

        @3pm cst. I withdrawal 0.0001

        I’ll see if I can withdraw again tonight.

        i can’t withdraw, i got an error “Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit!”
        i don’t know how many can withdraw daily?

        I can not withdraw anything today even my account sent compounding deposit..i tried to text to ask support 2 times but they dont reply to me yet. i dont know why my account that way? block or not..they should tell me something but they change my account to compounding deposit yesterday and today i can not withdraw anything even though 1 cent…

        Withdrawal 0.000105

        Again withdrawal 0.000105

        that persons who are withdrawing are the men of 10bit.biz . They are telling lie

        Is they your father in law ?

        Today I can not witdraw??????
        “Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit!”

        Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit!

        No longer paying. “Exceeded daily limit is the message” What daily limit?” SCAM

        Withraw 0.001 today

        scam, no paid anymore

        1. I also tried to withdraw it say “Daily limit exceeded” while in FAQ they quote no daily limit for withdrawal
        2. 10% profit is getting reinvested as compounding suddenly , though no where its speak about it
        3. 24*7 online support have not responded even after 2 days of raising issue to them.
        I feel this is wrong investment option.

        No more everything …i never think that 10Bit.Biz just short live almost 1 month…they cheated now

        No more pay ..no more everything in 10Bit.Biz

        exceeded daily limit… scam.. no more pay outs

        10bit.biz is a scam!

        Phone: +507.8365503 10bit.biz

        Withdrawal pending as of 3pm cst

        no pay anymore

        10:46pm car withdrawal 0.00022
        Just fine, but other withdrawal pending.

        0.8 btc pending me with 5 days 🙁

        “Daily limit” even though I haven’t withdrawn in over 2 days, I made the return on my original investment and decided to put some more money into it, and haven’t been able to withdraw since. It is now compounding half my profit too since making my additional deposits which I don’t really mind but I wish it gave me the option. This is starting to look like a scam to me

        Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit! Since yesterday. 10bit will not pay anymore.

        deem uma olhada nesse aki galera pagam certinho

        10bit.biz can be scam anytime . We cant withdraw like usual . if we want to made WD they always say “Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit! “

        it works for 24 days and now its over , no withdraw

        made withdraw with small amount, 3 times this works but bigger than 0.001 dont work

        They are game over , 10 bit.biz never pay , its very bad. they SCAM i lost 0.035BTC. 🙁 fuck 10bit.biz and scams sites , need careful boys , if some people in england please bit him , where we can alert to brad green ? to take police him.

        I know I’m so fucking PISSED! Sorry just like you I lost money to but this happend to me before and I let myself fall right back into anthor one fuck I’m so Stupid

        10bit.biz Big scam in the world

        crazy it is 29days online , 23 days all is fine and after this it is over

        Now, not pay

        Not paying. Because of my greediness I loss 4.5Bitcoin


        me too. i loss 9 btc

        Don’t be stupid Sarah

        I have loss 0 btc. Thank God for that

        possible to complaint against 10bit.biz??

        not p ayinganymore. such a shame. last night to was paying but now it no longer prcesing any payments and it says you exceed the daily limit message.

        Can’t withdraw any amount
        I just tried to Withdraw 0.0001 but i failed.
        I think there is some problems with the 10bit.biz

        10bit.biz IS A SCAM! To those who still doesn’t have an idea about the site and are trying to decide whether to invest or not, JUST DON’T BOTHER. This is a WARNING to all of you. Thanks by the way.

        Any update on 10bit.biz? I’m so screwed if they stop paying. It’s money I shouldn’t have touch that I invested into it…First few days were alright, I pumped in btc from everywhere I can get a short term loan thinking I’ll use the last 10 days or so before loan is due to collect enough to pay back.(shorter if I stacked my initial profits)
        Damn, this will kill me for sure if they scam us:(

        So lost, don’t know what else to do or say….

        Not to be mean but your f##ked who did you take the money from?

        I’m still hoping it’s just some technical issues they’re working to solve at the moment…but…honestly, it’s looking like they packed up and left…at least 7 of the 31 FAQ questions are now missing. trying to check something only to realize some of the questions are now missing…

        Damn, sorry to hear that Mike…I hope it isn’t too much loans you put together for this.
        I sincerely hope you’ll be able to sort this without any further damages/harm. I mean whatever happened, happened. We all learn from our mistakes throughout the entire life, and will definitely grow wiser with each mistake we make.
        Trip and fell, no biggie, we all fall along the way. 🙂

        tw0 small amount is paid but two big amount is pending

        hello someone could reirtar balance of the page. because my not letting me withdraw , plus every time I want to withdraw 0.01btc not let me .there I can withdraw more than 0.01btc

        Why… 3 day pending..

        No están pagando son unos ladrones de mierda HP invertí 230 usd perros hijos de puta

        guys i lost 0.6btc but am not going to sit down in leave these guys go. lets alart the FBI and the IC3 or the international Police about this scam. some one create a facebook page and comment and complain

        Still pending after a few days b they haven’t responded to either mine or any of my friends emails

        10bit.biz is totally scam company still not paying I demand a big punishment .

        I too am receiving the “Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit!” when simply trying to withdraw .006 BTC. Scam confirmed.

        don’t worry I’m the one of anonymous Philippines were planning now to hack their system.. I warned them if they did not pay after 24 hours from now.. BOOM!!!

        I hope them being offline is because of this post and not because they shut it down. I managed to slowly start getting my money back by withdrawing .0001 BTC each day, lol.

        Did you make the website offline? damn I will be fucked if they turn out to be scam. I recently invested some bitcoins and I had just started to make withdraws, but now it’s gone

        You all can rest assured I lost my ass on this one. i had no idea they could openly do fraurd like this. I took screen shots of my 4 accounts and reported them. I would think with a license they could easily hunt the person down and work their way to all those involved and take everyone involved assets. Since I have records showing what I lost, at least maybe I can get something back. I don’t even care about making anything, just would like what I originally deposited, which I have records to prove it.

        This is open and deliberate fraud. Why is no one going after these sites? I have reported them. I never received one withdraw.

        I have lost my life’s savings! Call it greed, but I fell for the, no risk, stupid line.

        This is deliberate and open theft.

        Lock them up!

        website is down. scammers, may you rot in hell.

        VietNam! toi da dau tu 0.4btc nhung ngay tu ngay dau tien da khong rut tien duoc. toi da lien he voi ho bang nhieu cach khac nhau nhung chang thay ha tra loi. toi that su chang biet chuyen gi dang xay ra. phai chang trang 10bit.biz da sup roi. Nghi ngo????

        Guys…one more website “15bit.biz” launched 6 daya bak with similar settings.. almost nearest adress and chat setting similar to 10bit.biz.
        Checkout…i feel these ppl wont stop fooling us.


        *Sigh* Want to lose more money sure go give more BTC to a website you don’t know. OR!!! We can learn from 10bit.biz and get something from it. Knowledge.

        Ce site est inaccessible

        Impossible de trouver l’adresse DNS du serveur 10bit.biz.

        Site is not opening in my PC after I made investment before 15 days.only first 2 days I have viewed the progress.

        the page is not working in India in 05/06/2016 to till date (10/06/2016). Friends please help me to excess my profile