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        BITMINISTER is glad to present you not unique, but quite profitable kind of investment – Bitcoin cloud mining. Now to get cryptocurrency, you don’t need to be owner of superpower technical base or to count the cost of labor-intensive process. It’s sufficed to become one of their customers and get a profit for the period which you can choose yourself. Their proposal works on an ongoing basis, and the amount invested by you will be bringing you a profit every hour, until you decide to stop working with us.

        The company, which offers such great earnings – Bit Minister Limited – has long established itself as a reliable financial partner and is widely known in circles of cryptomining professionals. They have started building own data centers to accommodate mining farms in the north of the United Kingdom and the United States in 2014. Joint ASIC network is highly productive and very expensive to service and timely modernization. Initially, the team of owners this mining equipment attracted private capital, but with the growth of the network was also continued growing demand for funding.

        In 2016, Harrison Rowley registered the company in London, where are headquarter and main mining equipment. Today Bit Minister Limited is involved in attracting of international investment. Unlike similar investment proposals of cloud mining the company doesn’t sell capacities and doesn’t submit them for rent. Your investments are working to repay bank loans for the purchase of warehouse space and equipment, as well as covering the operating costs associated with energy supply and servicing of effective cooling systems of data centers. The team of company technical support includes professional and experienced programmers and also specialists in the field of crypto mining.


        Since 11 JUNE 2016


        From 0.01 BTC

        ROI (Return on Investment)



        DOMAIN REGISTRATION 17  Arpil 2016 – EXPIRES ON 17 April 2021 (5 YEARS)
        REGISTERED IN UNITED KINGDOM – ENOM. More information on Whois

        164/180 Union Street
        SE1 0LH
        United Kingdom

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        I have a deposit 5.1BCT.

        paid each hour, there is no problem, I’m very satisfied

        every hour earn about 4.7 usd

        Yes, I deposited 2 BTC for this and now enjoying nice 3% profit a day. Hope this site continues to work for at least 1 year.

        Hey Bro…. lets get your money…. I just get 2 bitcoins

        Did they gave you 2 BTC back today?

        This is not paying it’s scam

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        Uh they ran off with my money

        I’m kind of doubtful having seen the downfall of Advanced Hash. BitMinister’s site also seems to be written with really poor grammar, similar to Advanced Hash, and the location of the server points to UK, though it’s not certain if it really is the case. I’d much rather fall back on a cloud miner with at least 2 years experience of service.

        Fall back to cloud miner with 2 years experience? Well, they’re gone…
        Hope you recovered your investments…

        Sorry Eric, I beg to differ. I’m still using one now and it’s still paying me, though after the halving event the difficulty level increased 4x.

        Very enjoyed to join bitminister. Very fast respon on Support. Very safe, very professional.

        Yes, the admin reply to my email promptly and this project is still going strong at day 41. I support this site 100%

        nope they paid for maybe 3 days so i invested more and havent gotten a pay out in a month.

        Hey today is 18/7 and when we withdraw the money they said we have reach limited daily amount. anyone same problem?

        no problum ….
        very good work BitMinister Thank U …………………………..NiCe Job Continue Mining

        And now? I doubt you can withdraw yet!

        SCAM…..they collected enough money…so time to leave…

        Hi, I think that it is really scam. But they have btc acount on, because if I click on withraw, I have money in 1 sec.. can anybody help with it?


        0.0005 only

        Yaa… I got the same msg….hopefully we could save our investment …God bless..

        i deposited 1 bitcoin a few days ago…..wish i read this review first… i got the same message today trying to withdraw

        Yep the same thing started happening to me after everything went well for a month or so. Support kept telling me day after day that the problem would be fixed within a few hours but then eventually online chat was never actually online any more from a day or 2 ago.
        Now, just within the last few hours their site is now offline! Looks like they screwed us!!!

        got the same issue. no response from their “support”

        Sorry, You have exceeded a daily limit.
        I can not withdrawal my money to day.

        0.0005 daily limit.

        What happening???
        “Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit”
        I can not withdraw money to my BTC wallet.

        same, how many bitcoin you deposited?


        Same here cannot withdraw now prompting exceeded limit?

        It´s not paying anymore. Scam


        wow good payer bitminister good job. just received my withdrawal as of 1:15pm July 19, 2016 KSA time.please checked guys
        Operations with test deposit on BitMinister:
        Amount Operation In detail Date
        7.20531$ Payment received 7.20531 USD (0.0109375 BTC) / instant Today 12:05
        0$ Note Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit Yesterday 12:13
        5.81003$ Payment received 5.81003 USD (0.00875 BTC) / instant Yesterday 11:19
        8.25705$ Payment received 8.25705 USD (0.0126875 BTC) / instant 17 July 2016 15:19
        5.42566$ Payment received 5.42566 USD (0.0083125 BTC) / instant 16 July 2016 09:27

        Why you lie here ? Nobody cant withdraw from yesterday , are you a biminister team right ? You will go when you have enough money ? Lol gtfo tard


        Some people can receive BTC, some people not. I can only receive 0,04 in a row in steps of 0,01… then i reached the limit. Since yesterday i can receive 0,16 BTC. Its the same by my girlfriend

        Bitminister not paying. Unable to withdraw capital, SCAM!

        its paying

        Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 7bd252f43dff9e429b61826d3ef6538d85474e8b9e129eca4c5fa03f11b1c200

        hello guys gold morning to all
        Mr. Blas Mr. juli we’re all clients in bitminister and what is the logic writing fools issue here.
        when i woke up this morning i’m trying to withdraw my small penny amount 0.00594714 BTC and checked the block chain
        after 30 mins i have 4 confirmation and my money goes to my wallet account which is $4.00
        if i can upload my screen shots to prove that i can withdraw.
        This is only my idea, bitminister give promo for us 5000BTC which is 9percent daily. now i saw in dashboard increasing people get 1BTC and 3262BTC remaining. If they will not paid the small penny do you think this people invest huge amount
        Maybe tomorrow also i will take the risk even 1BTC for the certain promo Insha allah.

        They dont let us withdraw over 0.05 per day , and for get more news investors they continue delete all proof no paying and bad comment in theirs official page facebook , if we thinking more logic , they paid small amount & delete all comment about no paying on facebook because they scared all will report them before they can get 5000 NEWS customers with their new plan , one time they have news 5000 BTCs , they will go with all of our money 🙂

        Now bitminister have some problems with Withdraw….. IT is a sign……BitMinister GO to find hashocean? Lol!

        They paid me at 4:00 am (timezone Caracas -4:30GMT) today. When I saw, I check it out and retired my invesment and they paid me.

        check my picture

        so it does not matter, just installed the new platform

        Except they’ve been saying that same thing for about 10-12 days now, every single day – this will be fixed in a few hours – but it is not.
        Now, as at 30/, their site is down completely, they are full of shit and have taken everybody with their limited bonus investment plan so they could get some extra coin before they run!

        only withdraw interest. not capital…
        I talked to chat team he says me that there are systen maintanance and they are doing autowithdraw..

        Don’t know its true or not ???

        I think we have to wait and watch…

        Just withdraw interest daily guys. let’s see how many days its working.

        “Sorry, but last two days we are trying to set a new API for automatic withdrawals. This is required for bonus investment plan (Limited Edition), please try to withdraw in a few hours. Sorry for inconvenience, we’re trying to finish this work as soon as possible. ” when I asked them about the withdrawal issue.

        As soon as 5000 fool paid each 1 btc (which is 3.3 milion dolar value) they will disapear. They give penies to low level to keep motivation up!

        I bet you got the Jamie computer generated response.

        check my picture

        so it does not matter, just installed the new platform

        i only can withdraw 0.01

        I withdrawing 0.001btc per day. If it continous I will get my 1btc in one thousand days. 🙁

        I’m withdrawing 0.001 por day, rhis way I’ll get my 1btc in one thousand days. 🙁

        NOW i understand only small penny amount will be processed other than that ( Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit )
        hahaha nice one. better i did not activate my 1BTC for their new flatform…only 0.00500000BTC will be processed more than that haizzzzzzz…

        They slow down payments. They may disapear I am afraid. After they launch new plan 9% profit for 5000 people, they change scheme. on every withdrawal attemph,th message says “daly limit exceed” on the every transaction. they don’t deserve more investment. I am tring to withdraw every day 0.001 ( 1-2 $ ) after the messge exceed… I am very angry!

        They will disappear soon! Every withdrawal attemph,th message says “daly limit exceed” on the every transaction. they don’t deserve more investment. I am tring to withdraw every day 0.001 ( 1-2 $ ) after the messge exceed… I am very angry!

        how do only pays daily depending on how you put lodged example 0.002 0.0006 BTC BTC can withdraw the gain corresponding to 24 hours

        I have 0.34 BTC on the investment. But every 24 hour 0.01 is withdrawal is allowed! Customer service is not honest! They have new API. Thats the reason technical problems. Tey after afew hours. This message repating every time. They lie. They will disapear soon so thats why they trying to gain as much as possible. So do not invest any money..

        Jul-22-2016 06:33:49 PM

        Withdraw to account 12mumsaF Batch is 7ebfaeca355c8d0b11988434c01d5239eeda9b11730b93f27760b9c02a2dd7ce

        retired at this time two days in a row without any problems, try

        payment is back to normal right ?

        I have deposit 0.48 but now its saying Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit

        what shoud i do?

        Try to withdraw small amounts like. 0.0005 – 0.001 btc max 0.01-0.011 is Their daily allowence. My deposit is 0.34. God is fear. They will not spend our comfortably while they are cheating!.

        I am try two days withdraw any amount but Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit how funny any solutions my friends

        They said “We are finishing API maintenance and will be able to cancel limitation in the next 24 hours. Sorry for inconvoinence”. Let see it tomorrow. to.i got that message from a jamie in chat box. dunno if human or robot answer it but he said after 24hours.

        That is a computer generated reply. The trigger is set for the word withdraw

        I just withdrew .0005 I was getting same message…however I’m unable to withdraw again…maybe they are doing maintenance idk…fingers crossed

        tried to make a withdrawal today……message popped up on bitminister saying i exceeded a daily withdrawal limit……when i have not made a withdrawal

        I am try two days withdraw any amount but Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit how funny any solutions my friends

        I have been in Bitminister from the 11the of July. They allowed you to transfer less than 0,00 Bitcoins and your capital was returned to you are any stage. The growth is good and I have been compounding within the system, however as from this morning your capital is no longer returned to you for new deposits. I therefore decided to pull all my funds out. Withdraws now has also changed and you can’t withdraw less than 0,00 Bitcoins. This sucks don’t invest be warned!!!

        I am try two days withdraw any amount but Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit how funny any solutions my friends

        bit minister says “sorry daily limits exceeded”? Can’t understand why!

        I am try two days withdraw any amount but Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit how funny any solutions my friends

        It’s down… 🙁 bye bye bitcoin

        don’t invest in bitdeposit also. its same as bitminister. i think bitminister is open another one for get more money. because bitminister are gone shortly.

        Looks like they are officially gone …

        This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
        Reloading the page
        Checking the connection
        Checking the proxy and the firewall

        last was 5-6 days bitminister did not release payment…any one facing this prob.

        i am also unable to withdraw my fund . it shows that u have exceeded the limit

        guys guys bitminister is now paying guys i too didnt get investments but now i tried withdrawal and got my withdrawal processed guys

        No. Still same message. They wont pay our money

        They are paying pennies

        I just withdrew.0005 but that’s the limit every 24 hours…I feel your pain

        Paying in pennies is not really paying

        How much they allow u to withdraw. Thanks in advance

        Only withdraw today’s 0.0005 daily limit withdraw only 0.0005 try sent it .today’s I withdraw this amount

        ya me too , 0.0005 worked.

        Bitminister compamy are a cheater amd unrespect company since 1 week no body answer me i try to take my depısit back but sytem dont accept i have writed 10 message but no body answer no contact number no emaik adress just under suppırt name you can send message this is support?

        I B0.19276076 trying to get my refund back after they stopped the daily pay out, I released my funds as they claim on their website to transfer it to my wallet,,but TOO IMPOSSIBLE, message comes up saying sorry you have exceed your daily limits, I contacted their support many times, NO REPLY..they stopped the daily payout also they don’t refund my deposit as they claim..I don’t know why ?? !!!

        Me too I try my invest amount back but not pay.I contract support but not replay I think our invest not refund

        i got this “Sorry, you have exceeded a daily limit” when i try to withdraw amount. anyone tell me that anything wrong with me .

        Bitminister if gone. Now offline.

        Now its up again. Paying 0.0005 only. More than that goes into pending withdrawal.

        Hey buddys LETS GET YOUR MONEY NOOOOOW!!!! I just got my 2.5 bit coins…. lets go lets go!!!!!!

        today i have Withdrawal request, i don not it is work or not
        [urlcomment image[/img][/url]

        comment image
        i don not now it is work or not

        I can withdraw 0.006 BTC just now.

        as of today it will not give pay out anymore. before you can withdraw 0.0005 btc once every 24 hours. but today you cannot withdraw anymore. it will just be sent to pending withdrawal

        as of today it will not send payouts anymore, the 0.0005btc once every 24 hours will just be sent to the pending withdrawal.
        Good bye my bitcoins……hu hu hu….