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        BITSTORM: Thanks to extensive knowledge in the field of electronic currencies and trade skills on multicurrency markets such as Forex and international cryptocurrency exchanges, their company occupies a leading position in the United Kingdom. After the appearance of cryptocurrency and rapid growth of its price, many traders have paid attention to the possibility of earning with it. Their team has chosen the same path. In 2014, they started trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Such financial activity requires a lot of working capital, which is why they have developed an automatic system for receiving investment from all comers.

        In 2016, they registered the company in the Great Britain and currently provide asset management services. For international expansion and further development of their small business they have developed a platform for the automatic attraction of investments. You can invest Bitcoin and have a steady income from 10% to 15% every day on an ongoing basis. Checking of official registration of the company is available on their website. Here you can find Certificate of Incorporation and all registration data.


        Since 5 AUGUST 2016


        From 0.001 BTC

        ROI (Return on Investment)



        DOMAIN REGISTRATION 22 July 2016 – EXPIRES ON 22 july 2017 (1 YEAR)
        REGISTERED IN PANAMA – NAMECHEAP. More information on Whois

        39 Cheyne Court
        SW3 5TR
        United Kingdom

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        Dont believe them plzzzzzz. they are scam. Dont invest

        Ya! it sure looks like Nanobit. Definitely not getting coin from me.

        Man it looks like I can create a site like that and fake investments. These sites are poorly created and feeding bullshit to people to invest and get 10%+. You gotta think of all the sites who so far offered that deal would stick around for than 7 to 60 days. What investment site can you tell me that stayed open for more than a year that had 10%+. PURE SCAM!!!

        If it stayed open for 7-60 days, that’d be a great deal. 10% daily for 10 days and you’ve got your investment back. But for sure it’s a 100% scam. Anyone who thinks it’s not a scam, use a compound interest calculator to figure out how much you’d earn by just depositing $1 and having it compound 10% daily. If you reinvested 100% and allowed it to compound, you’d turn $1 into $1,289,377,615,792,521.75 in just 1 year. Since no company ever could reasonably make that in 1 year, let alone 1,289,377,615,792,521.75 times the number of users and accounting for initial investments of more than $1, it is quite obviously a scam is a scam..i have deposited 4 BTC into that..but now my all money is gone..their official site is close now

        Hi jae kee!
        Do you know “” i got introduced by a man and need some advise before investing. Please let me know whether scam or legit.
        Please let me know it by give me an email throught
        I’ll very appreciate for your help.

        They are not professional. I opened an account. It seems a scam.

        lol this shit site is same person as BITMINISTER , BITDEPOSIT , NANO – BIT , BITCODAILY , Stop invest to this site with blablabla REGISTER COMPANIES HOUSE lol they just pay 12 $ for 1 licensed PRIVATE COMPANY LIMITED , its proof nothing this COMPANIES HOUSE ,

        Hey blaz.. Have you invested in bitcodaily?? I want to invest in it and so i ask your suggestion

        DigiSoul, bitcodaily is not paying out again, dont be scammed

        Paying as of now, i will monitor this site. Anyway most cloud mining sites are scam but its up to you to invest. Invest what you can afford to lose. Dont stick to one site only, invest with minimum in many sites to maximize your earnings.

        Its paying as of now

        You can’t tell people what to do, we all have our own experiencees and bielives, so all those people who criticize everything they see, who are not willing to try anything must just leave us alone, if I loose I loose my money and if I make money as I’m making now with so called scam site that means I can feed my family. I’m not saying there are no scams, but let me experience that my self, don’t feed me your negetity please!!!

        If you can afford to pay into this site you can afford to feed your family. If you invest in this you risk loosing money then you cant feed your family. Like all the other sites like I mentioned 130+ sites have Fucked people out of millions of dollars so that’s your risk. They get you to invest enough then when you get almost all your investment back and if your “lucky” you might get back more then you will be in pending mode. Been there done that. This site is to communicate on all are experiences with good or bad Cloud and investment sites. If you choose to invest that will be your choice. We may say don’t join but hell what do you have to loose its only money.

        If one site rips off 5000 bitcoins = $3,270,000 then 130+ sites do the same = $425,100,000 of stolen bitcoin. its cheap to make web sites and it is easy to have your own rig setup. Hell anyone can do this. just stating a fact there are self made millionaire cons out there and they know how to get you hooked. There are a few sites I can trust just do your homework and find the good ones.

        Hey Slyder, are you on any forums? I am new to this and just got lucky on bit deposit (they scared me off this mornig when site went down) any way i would love to chat

        No but I learned the hard way on investing. I lost enough.

        Is any one of you all has invested in bitstorm that you say its a scam?

        READ THE DISCLAIMER They are not responsible if they cant perform or make you money or rip you off. Maybe not in those words but that’s why they get away with it when they cut people dry. Look at the news how many scam sites where they have been putting Creators in jail for ripping people off, almost none because of what you agree and check the box and continue registering. RISK or little RISK or Maybe LOW RISK. Be still the fine print.

        Invest $1. Earn 10% daily. Reinvest 10% every day. Compound interest. After a year they will have paid out $1,289,377,615,792,521.75. Except they can’t. No one can. It’s a scam.


        Are You serious dude ? Can Anyone tell me if this Is a scam or not so i can invest my money !! Please guys I really need answers

        Don’t invest now,its already been 11 days

        Ok Sir, i’ll wait, but until when I can invest ?
        Aug 16 at 11:20 PM
        Dear investors!

        Today we would like to introduce the summary record of progress and talk about future plans. It’s only ten days since the launch of Bitstorm investment program but we’ve already achieved incredible success. More than 15,000 investors have chosen our company as financial partner and right place for passive income. Now total investment has exceeded 1,800 Bitcon. Proposal of daily profits from 10% to 15% is rapidly gaining popularity and we are very excited.
        However, we do not intend to stop. The company’s management made a decision about the launching of regional offices around the world and cooperation with representatives. In the near future we will open first advisory centre in Hong Kong’s Central Business District and organize a comprehensive customer support: counseling in office and over the telephone. Office is located in Chung Kiu Commercial Building at Shan Tung Street. As soon as office will begin to work, we’ll add complete contact information to the website.
        We are ready to build a profitable business with you and develop further our ongoing cooperation. Thank you for your choice of Bitstorm Limited.
        Stay tuned!

        Your full of shit jaguar soon you will stop payments and go in pending mode then site shut down. You will probably create another PONZI SCAM. UK investment systems has been the biggest SCAM of all time. There are some good UK sites but for most theft to BITCOIN is the UK. I have been mining for 8 months now and I have yet to see a site that offers 10% for at least a year but it wont happen because its impossible to offer such a high interest. Well I hope you all rot in hell and I speak for all who got ripped off.

        please read carefully slyder.. im posting this because i’m one of the victim.. I am trying to withdraw but as of now is in pending.. they process but not send in the wallet..11 days of old this ponzi SCAM…

        Sorry about that. I am so pistoff at sites like this that it rages me to the point I want to go down there and kick some ass. All 10% investment sites are a SCAM because even in mining Cloud they don’t offer that much profit. Again sorry for my misunderstanding.

        Hey slyder I too loosed my money in that . I thought it’s real so I invest some amount but when I was about to withdraw it is gone in pending and haven’t been paid . is there anything I can do to get my fund back ? Or I have loosen it all ?

        I also victim of that I also invested in bitstorm but now I cant able to withdraw.. 🙁 Please suggest me site on which I need to invest .

        Hi u want to invest..go to facebook.Andy Hadley Roodman.Bytescapital is the best site to invest gives u 4% daily on a 24hour cycle.Just go on my profile and register.

        Why cant you access the site.

        You get paid??why is the websit cant even go on the site.

        update version for its a scam it work maximum 1 month than go ofline

        It’s paying me daily so far and i’m happy, i have my investment back

        lol yah Thando, batshele mf2… are u on any whatsapp group Thando?

        All HYIPs are scams, you just need a decent HYIP monitor like stacksofcoin if you do invest

        scam like

        I have already made my initial investment back… Will have double what I invested by this Thursday. I originally invested 5BTC and have already made a profit of .5btc since yesterday! It will eventually cease to exist like but like I am going to make a hell of alot of money before it does!! 😀

        bitstorm and bitminister is the same exceeding daily limit.. they are not paying anymore

        Hi Markonamoose
        I have been trying this new Company “EthTrade” that deals with Etherium and Bitcoin.
        It seems a good well structured Company even for a new companny. They have live Chat and you are free to register.
        Please Follow my Referal Link :

        I have invested 12 USD (Because I do not have much to Invest right now) , but and I am geting acrued every Week Day.

        All necessary Information is on the Website and the FAQ. Page

        Best Regards

        Its pending now, the site is scammed

        Ya see what did I say More assholes who will rip you off. If its to good to be true it might be a SCAM….

        Their Live Support is now gone !!
        what was the maximum daily limit to withdraw though ?

        Not anymore paying don’t invest in

        Bitstorm no withdraw

        My investment $1300, no withdraw

        Same here. I keep on sending them mails. But they will still send a notification everytime you change your btc address

        Bitstrom limited can’t log in anymore.. n no reply from the support. …. Scam. !

        They have closed d site and opened a new one: SCAMMERS!!!!

        Company is working very nicely
        we all in

        Hi All

        I have been trying out this New Company called “EthTrade” that basically trades on Etherium and Bitcoin.
        I invested 12 USD (Because I can not afford much more at the moment), The Investment is being accrued every WeeckDay and I am re-Investing it.
        Looks promissing

        My Referal Link is as Follows:

        Feel Free to Register and analiyze the Company Website, Profit Calculator and most Important the FAQ´s. Page

        Good Investments


        Carlos Costa

        Hey you don’t know what you say buddy this company is working hundreds par cent you re dorm men ask the south Africans will tell you how it works..We can draw money we can make investment company gotta no problem my daddy is going higher becoz of Bitstorm .what’s up me guys will explain you more +27840429188
        Dont sleep if you fear to invest you remain in poverty . Thank you Mr Bitstorm ….people are compare Bitstorm like 3M …..nono nono. Ask me I’m in South Africa chilling man.

        Hey buddy stop abusing our business this company came to upgrade us from the bottom to tabernacle…so if you don’t believe it leave it. who is forcing you to enter? Ask the south Africans we all in…my daddy is highly…Thank you Mr Bit storm..I’m with you now then and fore ever 10% .people wanna compare 3m with Bit storm . shame on you..If you want more information check me out via what’s up will explain you more.+27840429188

        Hi Thai I m from India, I have invested in 3 days ago, now site is not opening, what you say it.

        i already invest but cannot login to my account..bitstorm scam. : ( is now closed i invest 0.0025 btc on it after some day i get 0.0023btc paid but not it was closed so please never use its now scam

        Suddenly Bitstorm site is not opening since last 3 days. Gone?

        In the world of HYIP, you need to find established companies with long term plans. I don’t know about you but to me, I trust only two companies: Forex paradise and coince. I trust Forex paradise more. Forex paradise has long term plans and pay return only 0.4-0.9% per day. For coince, they pay more 3% per day for 60 days, something too much but they have been paying for over 5-8 years in business.

        I corrected myself. Coince is now a scam.

        Podrían decirme que ha pasado con la plataforma? Abrirá próximamente? O ya ha cerrado? Por favor informen

        Why can’t subscribers login to their accounts? Scam ..scam…scam
        This wont go unpunished. .

        This is a scam..a big one..ive deposit alot of money in bitstorm..and where is my money now??.GONE WITH THE WIND..MAY THIS MOTHERFUCKER BURN IN HELL..SCAM BITCH.

        Hi i also lost some money in Bistorm. There is another business on line which is more stable. It is Called Myadvertisingpays. It gives 10% about 3months.

        […] And by the looks of it many others are experiencing the same thing. For a sample of some of the discussion surrounding BitStorm and the people affected by this HYIP which has seemingly stopped all outgoing payments head over to BitcoinCloudMining. […]

        is a scam. dns server not found. they made away with US$5 of my btc. DON’T EVER.