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        HASHPOKE Cloud Mining is a Belgium company registered and established in Herentals. The company was born as a result of studying the Crypto-Currency Industry in depth for the past 2-3 years. They are mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin and some no name Cryptocurrencys.


        Since 25 AUGUST 2016


        From 0.01 BTC

        ROI (Return on Investment)





        DOMAIN REGISTRATION 29 June 2016 – EXPIRES ON 29 June 2017 (1 YEAR)
        REGISTERED IN PANAMA – ENOM. More information on Whois

        Atealaan 34
        Herentals 2200

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        good site and fast payment since 2 weeks

        me too since 10 days

        Awesome People. Very fast service in the world!!!

        Thumbs up, Absolutely perfect! Again. Love your timely payment. HashPoke is trusted

        Prob… not paying anymore.. very bad…

        Stable payment since 9 days now

        this is hyip? or real mining?


        é a hashocean disfarçada…..cuidado

        It is disguised hashocean care …..

        Since August 25, 2016 …. now talk to me? how and that has people talking in the comments q are getting is about 10 days ago ?? Today is 27/08/2016 liars comments so yeah ….. care and Scam … blow … even style Hashocean

        The website is online more then 3 days…
        This website just listed HashPoke too late. Just look at youtube, the videos of hashpoke…


        Website is online more then 6 weeks. I know it because I am registered since 6 weeks and get my payment every day. Someone who don’t trust me, just check my wallet daily: https://blockchain.info/address/1J1xAGPEfiUmzD9PPae9jrpg6xWMok4nsW


        How much did you invest

        hashocean replace company..scam!!


        better then genesismining
        daily payout of 4$ now

        This looks like another HashOcean, HashPit, or whatever else it’s been called. Just saying. I fail to see how this gets a better rating than Genesis. Then again, I seem to recall that people who were promoting HashOcean were slamming Genesis for being a scam, but only one of the two still exists…Genesis!

        seems to be trusted, I invested $280

        seems to be a good site, awesome interface and website – I need to invest something I think!

        is this real?

        With almost 20% profit per month it almost must be a scam. But I couldn’t stand the temptation and put 300€ in it. So far they’re paying. For now I add the profits to my hashing power. At some point, if I’m lucky, I’ll try to get my initial deposit back.

        20% + is easily possible with almost no risk. I can do 30% using 1% per day arbitrage and 10%+ per week selling…. What up?

        Yes, look at their facebook page

        look at their facebook page, they have mining equipment
        trusted site, I get my mone now for since 2 month

        It’s obvious they are ‘HashOcean’ in disguise.
        The question is how long will they stay in business and make payments regulary till they dissapear with our money again!

        they are not hashocean…. they pay me every day since 2 month now!

        Fine. I hope they stay this way..
        Just be careful they’re not just building confidence with you before they flee with your money..
        Good luck

        is this site paying?

        yes! get my daily payout every day

        so , this company its real mining?

        Yes. Check their Facebook page. You can see their minign server. More pictures coming soon as they said.


        are you sure?

        It is not scam

        i received e-mail today from the company, i want more explanation about the activity of the company and the possibility to collaborate, best regards, ave. sender/dr.emad shamloul,, egypt

        My name is Mehjabi. I have an account with Hashpoke.com for 2+months with 2820 Kh/s power.

        Recently My account is not working nor I am able to login and withdraw my funds. I have several request to hashpoke.com support but till now they did not revert.

        my account is –

        Kindly assist me to resolve this issue with hashpoke.com


        My hashpoke account mehjbai.alisharafat@gmail.com (2820 KH/s power) have login issue, its 2 factor not working.
        I have ask support but not response.

        Kindly assist me to resolve the issue.

        Kindly confirm and update if hashpoke support is working.

        They are paying or not?

        They are paying
        maybe you got hacked
        I still get my payout every day ($14)

        Krubbe, my pc was not hacked, my account was hacked by hashpoke. If is not a scam, why support don’t answer me? Why support don’t help me? Other users have the same problem. All of us hacked? 🙂 I’m not stupid. They apply selective scam, in this way, people continue to use their service, so they can block and stole other bitcoin.

        I don’t receive money since 13 november. I can’t login to my account because the login page ask me for a second factor authentication that i had never enabled. I’m able to reset my password but i can’t reset this unwanted feature. Your support said me that my pc was hacked and that you can’t help me. I think it’s crazy. I think that your site was hacked not my pc. You have a very important security breach or your site it’s a scam. I can demonstrate that my alexrgn555@gmail.com account is mine. I can give you the ip address that i use to access to your site. I can give you information about my payment for the mining power. If your support say me that can’t help me i have to think that this site is not so secure as you say, i have to think that this site is a giant scam. Please contact us and resolve this problem. I said contact us,because i noticed that other users had my same problem and this is another strange thing. I’m waiting for your answer.

        This is a scam. Collecting public fund. yesterday and today cannot log in. Code error. Just don’t understand and very worried now.
        This website is not responding and many invested having the same issue. Please share your experience.

        They are not paying, and even more best, they damaged the 2 factor auth so that we cant log in.
        They dont answer to all the messages, mails we send. and they remove and ban us from FB page if we ask about the 2 factor auth problem…
        They turned into SCAM!! I wish they weren’t ! 🙁

        Now Finally they say that 8 of the accounts are facing 2 factor auth problem, and asking us recovery code which they never gave us at the first place. they dont give recovery code for anyone, has anyone got it ?? They blame that we have been attacked by a phishing mail which we happily clicked and gave out credentials so that the attacker could enable 2 factor and change it. Neither we have clicked opened any mail like that, nor we used our credentials in any other place other than hashpoke’s site. The 2 factor was ON from the start of my account (and after 1.5 months its 2 factor went rogue all of the sudden). And still, IF THEY ARE GENUINE, 1. They could have answered all of our cries through EMAIL, CHAT, SUPPORT TICKET, FB. INSTEAD OF keeping mouth shut for long time. 2. Then as the next step they banned all of us, and deleted all our postings on FB. WHY ?? UNLESS you have something to hide ? Why not come clean and help your customers who are not there free!! 3. Now they acknowledge the 2 factor problem but only for 8 ? no way… I am sure we have more in number… 4. Why Blanket blame the users instead of checking their site being compromised or not (I got a mail a week before from them saying that there has been a time problem in the server because of which my payment was not made, then they corrected it and paid)? was this a pre-cursor for the current problem ? 5. Ok, now they are genuine about the problem, and they know that only 8 people are suffering from this, why cant they simply disable 2 factor authentication for those accounts from system… Read more »

        Is paying ..1 month stiil paying ..good company

        Joined Hashpoke as a free member long time back and got 20KHS for lifetime.
        They deactivated mining when I reached 0.00494088 when 0.005 is a withdraw limit.
        So thats it friends. Hashpoke is a fraud company. Those who invested their time and money in this site please leave it and hope that at least you get your investment back. Else forget it. Forget making ANY money through cloud mining. Mine yourself if you really want to for fun. Mining hardware costs a ton and goes obsolete before you make any profit.

        Support replied: We can’t offer 20 KH/s free for an unlimited time. 20 KH/s are only available for 85 days if no investment were made. The 20 KH/s are available for an unlimited time, if an investment is made.

        Wish I knew this when I joined.

        I totally believe you bro. Please those who had invested in this site immediately terminate investing further. This site is a camouflage scam waiting to spill open after its gathered and convinced enough people. What Amigaurab did is wat am doing but am still in 0.00028670btc so keep giving me free satoshi even when I haven’t bought any hashpower. I guess if I near 0.005 payout they will deactivate my account. This guys can be smart but after what happened to me in Hashocean and Bitsrapid I swore I ll never invest in cloud mining site again. They are all scam. I cant even attest for Hashflare or the so called Genesis mining. I’d rather keep my coin to myself.

        Hashpoke denied access to my account after I bought hash power. SCAM

        SCAM. Cannot access to my account. After buying hashpower, cannot log in

        For me it is working good with 3860 KH/s at the moment since 12 weeks now
        So it is not scam

        Hashpoke is SCAM. Dont invest time and money here. Admin please update this immediately and stop promoting scam sites.

        This is a scam. Collecting public fund. yesterday and today cannot log in. Code error. Just don’t understand and very worried now.
        This website is not responding and many invested having the same issue. Please share your experience.

        I can still login and get still my profit…. it is your fault if you delete your phone app or forgot your codes

        I didn´t forgot my codes. Try enable your 2FA to see if you will receive any recovery code in your e-mail. They reset my 2fa and now I can´t login to my account.

        Hashpoke.com is paying.

        I am getting my payout regularly.

        Please visit the link and ask me for your discount code.

        Hashpoke stopped my free 20KH/s when i reached 0.00494088 and they told me that they allow 20KH/s free only for 85 days. 85 days? I mean they knew that I will reach 0.005 in 86 days already before setting the 85 days mark right? This would clearly mean they have no real mining hardware and the daily profit is simply based on maths.

        Suppose I invest now 0.01 and with 40KH/s power they should be paying me in 43 more days? thats when I get ROI. I am sure that hashpoke will close down after 43 days if they dont get any more investments.

        Hashpoke is a hyip. There is no real mining 100% sure.

        Are you retarded? It is not possible to give all users 20 KH/s for free. Thats too much money for them. No one real mining company can do this – idiot.

        Hi , today first time not paying 🙁

        hashpoke is scam…..dont invest…..recovery code??? what the fuck haspoke..
        .i suggest people just keep your bitcoin in wallet….sale when the price is higher..thats it….

        I receive payment. what you invest. what is the amount paid to you

        Muy buena la empresa pagos al instante

        muy buena la pagina,pagos al instante

        Bitcoincloudmining : this side is scam

        HI, it’s tagged as Not Paying .. but i got my payments just fine last week.
        Did it stop now ?