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        MAXIMUS COIN offers best Bitcoin cloud mining plans with fixed interest. So How do they make profit? Bitcoin mining with new methods and effective algorithms of crypto mining using the latest Antminer S9 machines with very low cost electricity. Cryptocurrency exchange and forex trading. They are doing several types of investments to assure high profit for their clients.

        They say that they are not HYIP company which offer 200 % in 2 days and then dissappears within couple of weeks but they work hard to build their reputation and strengthen our market position. Where is theri company actually located and is it official? They are licensed company in Czech Republic


        Since 16 AUGUST 2016


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        DOMAIN REGISTRATION 12 Juny 2016 – EXPIRES ON 12 Juny 2017 (1 YEAR)
        REGISTERED IN AUSTRALIA – PDR LTD. More information on Whois

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        Não invistam nesse site, não pagam os valores totais de resgate. Ex. pode solicita 0.00028000 eles so pagam 0.00018000. É fraude.

        .0001 BTC is the TX fees deducted from every BTC transfer.

        Many people say that your site is a scam what do you have to say about that?

        I’m getting about $1.05 USD a day from site from an approximately $115 investment ($55 on their eBay listing and another $60 directly through their site). If they were actually scamming people eBay would be one of the woirst platforms to sell contracts on because it would make them highly trackable. For now I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are legit. 1% a day ROI isn’t unsustainable if they are actually using Antminer S9 as they say they are. I’d be suspicious of 3% a day (Coince, Bitminister anyone?) but the payout is perfectly sustainable, especially when you consider when factoring in your investment that you really only get 0.5% back per day for 200 days, not 1% (the first 100 days you get back what you put in and the next 100 you get that same amount back). I could be wrong but this seems totally sustainable, at least until the next halving.

        I lost from all investment sites I joined and most are from the UK and other parts of the world are trying to do the same. We are all trying to get ahead some will succeed most will fail. I wish I was never introduced to this kind of SCAMS and like I said we learn by are failures to never do it again. Bullshit sites with bullshit investments gets you nowhere. Because of these assholes they creating problems in the trading world hogging all the coin they can get so when the coin decides to go up then they will sell to make more money. So please stop investing in sites like this if you want to get ahead.

        Did you actually use this site specifically because its been highly recommended by many reputable sites just wondering if yiu have personal experience ive been using this site and no problem so far

        Maximus Coin has had great reviews with Cointelegraph and was also mentioned on BTCnews. I will continue to investigate it, but thus far it seems legit.

        Next time u try an advertise your website you should leave the website link out when you click your name. Pretty amateurish

        this site interface like other scam site, however I invest on this, hope it long live

        Maximuscoin just stopped paying from yesterday! :-(. and the site is denying access from a few hours ago. I hope they are updating something. but they did not sent participant any notification. anybody has news please comment.

        Site not opening from last 12hrs

        Totally scam

        Does anyone know what’s going on?

        Might be server down or they might run away with all our money

        Hi guys I hope they are not gone with our money

        Then why still the site is not working its nearly more then 24hrs gne

        Morning guys still site not working?

        This really make me worried now,I just registered people few days ago and now this

        Honestly i don’t think this is a scam but something must be wrong somewhere. All the same if this indeed turns out to be a scam then it is the biggest one ever because they even have an iOS app which I use all the time.

        Even am using iOS and thts too not working , I send mail to support but no reply from them and I ping them in FB but no response,still when you go to site you can see the green lock bar in URL but site not opening

        Yeah that’s true, the iOS app brings out a json error. For now, lets just wait a few days and see what happens. If come back online it will be in anyone’s best withdraw their profits to their wallets. I myself have invested 0.01BTC on the site.

        This site is not working since last 2 days, makes me worrying as I invested a lot in this site. I also think that this cant be scam, if it is, then it is going to be big one..

        hi sanjay how much did you invested?? i invested 1btc

        yes i am also worried…:(

        yes i am also worried…:(

        Really guys its gonna be a big problem if you introduce people and the site its gone

        Am very sure there’s hope so lets give them some few days and pray everything is fine.

        But when ?? Already it’s since more then 36 hrs site not opening and no communication from them , loosing my hope 🙁

        Mornings yes we need to pray everything will be ok results show the server is definitely down.

        I’m not holding my breath on this site bummer we got scammed.

        I invested .26 BTC

        Wow!!! 26 BTC, that’s a block of money and here we are complaining of our small coins. This must be the biggest scam carefully planned and executed. I have been on the internet the whole of today trying to find an explanation all to no avail. I didn’t want to believe it but I guess I have no other choice now. They would have notified one if not all their clients if it a website maintenance.

        Dude..its was POINT 26 (0.26) btw lol..I would never trust a cloud mining scheme with more than half a BTC

        Oh okay, lol..yeah one can never trust an online investment these days. All the same lets hope it wasn’t all in vain

        Hopeless hyip scams again..I lost 0.05btc
        Manage recover 0.01 only..
        I’m very pissed off now..f**k!!!

        They are gone for sure I lost hope now…which one is doing well so far? I need to move on

        Guys go check out
        and lets see if it’s good to go

        I had invested .45 BTC but now this website. Is not working

        digital crime should give prison.

        I invested 10 coins, recovered 7.5. I knew from the beginin that this is PANZY scam but because it was very beginin of the plan I though that it will be last for next few month. the only possible senario that so far I see is that for the last few days priore their site went down there were some big amount from new investors which came in, thats why they decided not to wait and run away. but everybody should keep in minde no real plan can generate 1 to 1.5% a day payout frofit.

        I also invested 11 BTC and hope that this is just the begning and unfortunately not withdrew any amount.. I am feeling scared now.. I am losing huge money because of these bastards…I am started losing hope now.. I tried to call the owner and mailed to their email id, but no response as of now.. They are not even picking up the calls.. Learnt a harsh lesson about the cloud miners

        I have a question, can we approach some agency for legal matters or not or how can we find out about the company that whether they really run away or still should we keep some hope

        Really sanjey because now maybe they opened new one with new name I think this must end now I mean we can’t go on like this

        The Best Ever Revenue Share Program :

        2.5 % Profit per Day
        These numbers keep getting better and better!!!! And we’re not even 1 months in yet!!! I love this program guys, it’s the best set of admins I’ve ever seen and the entire member base is awesome. Im really glad to be a part of this! If you don’t know what I’m talking about That is

        Those guys are located in India, they have their ios app published by an Indian developer, tried find and contact him but no luck.

        You are right bro, the app developer’s name is Sanjay Kakadiya. I tried contacting him too but nothing.

        can you share the details of the app developer so that I will try to find out here in India

        The only link I found leading to him was his social platform on LinkedIn. You can create an account there and search him by his name..Sanjay Kakadiya.

        Their developer website is, email addresses are and, and Skype is sanjay.kakadiya007. I have tried emailing but had an extremely limited response as it seems their English is quite poor.

        As for, the domain is registered to a ‘Pavel Veselik’ who supposedly resides in… Malta ( Whether this is the criminal who stole our Bitcoin, I don’t know. Further information can be found on him at

        The IP address that Maximus Coin resolves to is which appears to belong to a company called Confluence Networks ( I’ve no idea the extent of their involvement in this scam.

        I’m also looking into reporting this cybercrime and will post any further findings on here as i come across them.

        Also scammed, are the dogs being thrown?

        Have guys the news on the internet? Maximus Coin officials are claiming to have moved to Malta. They are saying they had problems in Czech republic that’s why they moved and that this will not affect clients who already have an account on maximus coin site. Maybe we still have hope.

        I saw that on news also and but I really don’t believe anything that they are saying because they didn’t inform us,anyway we can still have a little hope.

        at which site , they have this news…

        Their website is registered from their address in Velleta, capital city of Malta. It seems to be a big scam in digital world.

        lost hope no reply from them


        The Best Ever Revenue Share Program :

        2.5 % Profit per Day
        These numbers keep getting better and better!!!! And we’re not even 1 months in yet!!! I love this program guys, it’s the best set of admins I’ve ever seen and the entire member base is awesome. Im really glad to be a part of this! If you don’t know what I’m talking about That is

        How can we trust and invest in these companies when they keep scamming us and stealing our money?? And it’s the new companies that are doing these things. I have even invested in aimBTC a new company and they’ve been paying for two months now but I get a panic attack every seconds.

        So just like joke MaximusCoin have stolen our money??
        Wow scamming at it’s best.

        so is it just finished ??

        It’s certainly over now but not entirely, there’s a much better investment over there and am sure some of you have already heard of them, they’ve been around for three months now and I even pulled out 0.17 btc just yesterday.
        Pls check it out

        This…very clearly is a scam..
        3% plus profit per day..come on man..
        So this idiot maximuscoin is confirmed gone case.?
        Hoped there’s some enforcement or web police to arrest this bastard..& recover our hard earn bucks” 🙁

        You don’t know what you are talking about because you have no idea how much profit I have withdrawn from aimbtc. I made a total profit of 0.1 btc so far. As strange as it may sound, I thought just like you are doing now at first until I tried with a small amount and saw the results for myself. The company has been online for four months now and has been paying from the very beginning. I have already broken even so I don’t have worries at all. Those who are interested can use my link
        lets earn together.