23rd July 2016












        NANO BIT Mining Limited is ready to propose profitable cooperation for all comers. They present a high-tech and modern company which is recognized industry leader in the field of computer technology, software and innovations. Their technical experts are involved in developing new methods and effective algorithms of Bitcoin mining. Over last few years Nano Bit Mining Limited has managed to build a few large mining farms in the United Kingdom and Scotland. They have equipped them with the most powerful and modern mining hardware that around the clock provides excellent results and serves as a source for earnings.

        In the summer of 2016 their team has made a successful attempt to enter international investment market with to offer cooperation for clients and partners. Currently, their goal is to develop wider European network of Bitcoin mining farms to provide everyone
        the opportunity to participate in processes of mining and earning.

        If you want to make today, they invite you to join their pool of investors. Their offer is valid on a permanent basis as well as your profits will be always accrued after you make a deposit, from 10% to 20% on a daily basis with the possibility to withdraw instantly. Many of you have been waiting for such a proposal, and they are confident that you will not be disappointed with their service.


        Since 23 JULY 2016


        From 0.001 BTC

        ROI (Return on Investment)



        DOMAIN REGISTRATION 5 July 2016 – EXPIRES ON 5 July 2017 (1 YEAR)
        REGISTERED IN UNITED KINGDOM – ENOM. More information on Whois

        NANO BIT
        9 White Lion St
        London N1 9PD

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        10 % is totally SCAM , they will close in some days 🙂

        All Hips’s are scame mate…. it’s a game, 10 days for the ROI !

        Hello anyone give suggestion that they are getting profit by invest in this company please experiance with this company

        Today genius hash gone now its time for this site nano bit to became big scammer. All mining n online site are scam ppl don’t trust any one and save your money. We ppl have stop investing anywhere and take a legal action so this scammer stops making this fool sites

        Nano Bit is having some glitches now! Hold tight people!

        positive repayment so far.

        the first investors may get the benefits while the later will get hooked later.

        site is down!

        Site is not operate at this time…it’s fraud don’t investment in bitcoin

        Site is working… just made a withdraw a few seconds ago

        I invested $100 4 days ago and I get $10 everyday. I know they’ll shut down soon, but I want to see if I won’t get all my money back and start earning profits till they shut down. For now they pay daily and it’s an automated system, you get the Bitcoins in your wallet in less than a minute

        Well another who decided to pend withdraws just like 10bit, Bitcodaily GOD DAM SCAMMERS. This is becoming BULLSHIT ONLINE. Tinderbtc is now not responding man the risk. Your maybe better off doing Faucets ya the loot is small but your not loosing all your coin. This Bitcoin world is getting worse by the day so many scammers now who can you trust. If I lived in the UK I would walk up to the people who ripped us off and punch right in the face.

        Don’t trust these high interest sites they are collecting money fast then whoops there they go. One goes down then anther comes up then repeat. Most of these sites are the same people and most of them are in the same location. They know some countries don’t care or wont get involved with this kind of theft so they get away with it. I also found out that the investors who the invests the most are the ones that are going to benefit from all this and if you are a small fry well to bad.

        Please don’t – they’ve given a false address [I’m sat in 9 White Lion, and there’s no such company here].

        nano bit is going to evaporate in a bit…some glitches is happening can’t withdraw your earnings..sounds so familliar before they shut it down…

        I wonder if this site was made for scumbags.. I mean people…all those cloud mining scams where rated really high on this site..
        at least 8.5, some are even more. I just wanna ask, how diligent (if there is such thing ) you guys did the ratings of these scammers?
        Are u guys getting commissions? or referrals like those cloud mining scams do?

        I second that. I am still not getting paid this sites a “SCAM”

        most guys get huge commission for positive ratings… Mostly these rating sites are part of the scams…. One is one they will get caught…. I am busy reporting every site… The reason for this is… The cyber crime stoppers will start do investigation on them and trace them….

        Can you believe this.. A pending of 32778 sathosis. Its so funny of scammers… Even a little bit of sathosis…..

        meh, mine only 20k satoshi

        go to the homepage, and check last withdrawal u can see a big withdraw from there, my account got pending withdraw from yesterday. this website 13 day online already, wonder how much they got from scamming.

        Nano Bit is a Scam. Avoid this

        There is a new cloud mining scam…most likely a disguised nano bit . checked it out guys…cryptonium…please don’t believe this new and revised scammers like nanobit.

        The same also me I request for withdraw but still pending after I cannot open my account… Big Scam.. I hope the authorities will block that scamming website and punish the owner because many Innocent people make victim to lost money….

        not paying

        fuck this nano my widrawal is 400k..
        no answer from the support..
        site is scam now..
        12 days sites pay but now all the widrawal pending..
        last 5 widrawal is owner from the site..
        to see that the widrawal is still active but tottaly not…
        much better to invest in gambling…
        chance of winning double and you must enjoy..
        ill stop now investing in other scam website!!!!!
        fuck all the investing site!!!!

        Fuck them I want my money

        It’s a SCAM, they stopped doing instant withdrawals, now you wait forever for your money.

        Yup,fuck!!!eat my btc,go hill

        This motherfucker took my money now they don’t want to pay