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        NATRO LIMITED is not owned by any single person or entity, they are a team of experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, network marketers, and programming geeks who have all come to together to launch a very simple business around a very complex industry. Anyone can join Natro Limited Network and begin earning a passive income by taking advantage of their expertise in Bitcoin mining and other Bitcoin related services.

        They have combined the power of crowd funding to bring you a very unique and timely opportunity in the Bitcoin industry. By using their expertise they are able to build a profitable mining operation that uses an affiliate payment structure to leverage the earning potential of their members.

        The concept is very simple! You purchase mining equipment that is used to mine Bitcoin and they pay you daily on your share of all Bitcoin being mined. When you share this opportunity with other members and they make a purchase you will also get paid recurring commissions on all Bitcoin mined from their purchases.

        Natro Limited is located in Iceland and uses the mining pool of BitClub Mining Pool. This facility is open to the public who meet certain qualifications for visitation. Their mining pool is open to public so that anyone who wants to contribute hashing power can easily do so.

        They purchase all mining equipment which allows Natro Limited to retain full ownership and easily sell the hardware in the secondary market when it’s nearing the end of it’s peak cycle. They swap these out for newer and more efficient machines. Each time they liquidate an older batch of equipment our members have a chance to take possession of the miner if they choose.


        Since 2 NOVEMBER 2016


        From $ 10.00

        ROI (Return on Investment)





        DOMAIN REGISTRATION 12 October 2016 – EXPIRES ON 12 October 2020 (4 YEARS)
        REGISTERED IN UNITED KINGDOM – ENOM. More information on Whois

        Hove Business Centre
        Unit 11
        Fonthill Road
        BN3 6HA
        United Kingdom

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        Every day I’m getting paid regularly. reliable mining site.

        Thumbs up, Absolutely perfect! Again. Love your timely payment. Natro Limited is trusted.

        Dis u get paid today also?

        Till yesterday i was getting regular payments, but not paid today.

        This was the reply I received through twitter
        “Dear Investors! Your todays earnings will be included and will be paidout on the next day. Sorry for the Inconvinience.”
        Hope I get paid tomorrow. Everything was normal till yesterday. Now fingers crossed????? My dashboard is showing balance amount. So I think I will be paid as they promised me in the twitter message.

        I got similar reply on Facebook. Hope they adhere to what is promised this time

        No payment today. Balance is updated as usual but no pay out. Even twitter handle through which they replied is deleted and instead of it @bitclubnetwork_ handle is showing. the has in its bad list since yesterday. something somewhere is wrong and nobody is responding from support team. I think I am about to face a huge loss!!!

        What about today??

        No more paying

        Natro has stopped paying. was informed by an investor on Natro Limited that they have not been paying for 2days now..

        Now they paid you???

        Nope. No payment.

        Please what is natrolimited twitter address

        Me too…

        I am also not getting payment for yesterday and today. I have contacted support team and they are not replying.

        They have stopped paying. I have reported them to Authorities in the UK

        Me too i didnt get payment.

        absolutely paid regularly.

        Great payment! Great profit daily! Thanks…

        Very great! I love!

        i need proof of payment

        email :
        contact me, I will show u proof of payment. (picture)

        contact me, i will show you proof of payment.(picture)

        I bought Mining Power 300 GH/s on Dec 2 to confirm the authenticity of the company , i can see my daily earning but does not reflect in my bitcoin wallet. also their is no provision to even manually trigger cashout.

        i doubt you. mine is hitting my wallet automatically every day.

        wish i could post a snap shot of my dashboard on this forum. i have sent email to their support and no response.

        they are noting but scammers.

        Natro limited is stupid site how did u get back your money?

        Is paying honestly

        if is paying how come my earning is not reflecting in my blockchain wallet and also their support team is not responding to my email.

        5-6 days if u buy power pack 300 GH/s reflecting in your wallet. Bcuz daily paid but min withdrawal 0.001 BTC per day. U knows? Read detail power pack first. BB

        Paying no doubt

        where is the proof


        they are not paying. you all work together to scam people. you people just block my account because i found out is all scam.


        apologies guys, they are paying.

        Can you pls make yourself more clearer now, if they are now paying you? I have been following this post before i decided to buy a power pack. Many more people must have seen your claims that they are not paying. Kindly tell us what happened that you suddenly say they are paying, because i have informed many of my friends about natrolimited. Thanks.

        Tope Hi,

        i did not realize that payout must accumulate to 0.001 BTC. I finally got paid on day 7.


        They are paying yes, and daily, I even received my referral commissions

        Paying since last 3 days.
        Today it is showing in earning but not paid even after payout time elapsed.

        PS: I cross minimum payout slab daily as i own 3 contract

        your investment is gone

        They pay daily and on time.

        I have been monitoring this forum. please can anyone confirm to me if natro limited is paying regularly.

        also when was the last time they paid. also display POP.

        Not getting todays payout. Anyone else facing similar issue??

        Yes, I am waiting. I sent message to sopport but the answer haven’t come yet.

        not paying i lose 300 today

        They havent pay today. Be carefull.

        I think they only pay for 4 weeks. maybe their formula like that : yourdeposit*3/4 . Wait and dont invest for a while.

        Was paying regularly, a few minutes after 0:00. Today the amount shows in my balance but it hasn’t been payed yet. Sent support contact but no answer yet. Noticed that the 300$ offer for Pro, until 15/12, disappeared at midnight but returned today, extended to 31/12.

        Now is confirm :
        Natrolimited is Scam
        For 2 days don’t pay and no reply to request.
        I lost 600

        No payout today. Dont invest.

        They did not pay the second days timer again… And after 24 hours they did not answer the support ticket… Do not buy anything yet guys!

        Natro stopped paying

        Be careful. Dont invest for a while. They didnt pay last two days.

        They have stopped paying. Natro Limited is turning out to be a Scam. Support will only respond to you when you are investing and they will stop afterwards

        “LIMITED” HENCE THE WORD. UK are famous for LTD. sites that don’t last and beware more site are coming. Stop getting ripped off and focus on the real Clouds that are wildly known online.

        I bought 2 mining contract on 2016-12-14 and they have been confirmed as active.
        I am trying for the last 2 days to withdraw the “earnings” and I have sent several messages to the different email adresses (internal&external) to Natro Limited…NO ANSWER
        Although the promise on site of getting an answer withi 24 hours…seems similar to the promise of being paid every day ???
        Is this company a fake ????

        They stole my money directly from my Wallet an spended it for fish. I think Jesus has his Finger inside

        Dont invest they ll no longer paid scam.

        They haven’t paid for 3 days now…. Hope am not about to face a huge loss

        Dont invest. Wait now. At this time they dont pay. Scam alert.

        Not auto paying/withdraw for about 4 days now

        The website is gone.

        They don’t pay 4 days ago for my account and my underlines also!

        ödeme falan yok adamlar dolandırdı hepimizi… Ben 1200 dolar yatırmıstım adi herifler

        RiP@all investors friend invested 300Dollars week ago and just got 40back and now the Site is down


        Natrolimitted is davel site bring back my money