SCAM / 29th September 2016

GENESIS GATE INTRODUCTION GENESIS GATE is registered in Belize, they are a private investment firm with investors located all over the world. Their investors invest with Bitcoin and withdraw their profits in Bitcoin. As the result of our vigorous and secure program, their investors have enjoyed extraordinary profits without having to worry about the security of their investment. Are you afraid that you do not have enough Bitcoin to invest? Are you completely new to Bitcoin and don’t have any yet? At GENESIS GATE, this is something that you do not have to worry. When you open your active investment account, their system automatically provides you with 10,000 satoshis (currently, the smallest fraction of Bitcoin that can be sent). You read that right! Simply open an account and you will receive 10,000 satoshis completely FREE! They are added directly to your account as an available balance. What does this mean? You gain a daily profit from this deposit. When you decide it is time to withdraw, you can withdraw the profit made from the 10,000 satoshis, though the 10,000 satoshis are not available for withdrawal. GENESIS GATE FACTS GENESIS GATE | NOT PAYING was last modified: October 10th, 2016 by…