SCAM / 4th September 2016

BTC PANDA INTRODUCTION BTC PANDA is a Crowdfunding Structured Network that offers equal chances for budding individuals to make money and build their wealth and dream. Traditionally, raising sufficient capital to start a business venture would require extensive plans and countless presentations to a limited pool of wealthy individuals or institutions. This method ultimately places a business proposal at the mercy of banks, angel investors, and venture capital firms, none of which guarantee a solution. Crowdfunding on the other hand is a method of raising capital through a community. This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals and leverages on their networks for greater reach and exposure. In short, it is the complete opposite of mainstream approaches to business financing, which are cumbersome, complicated, time consuming, and potentially unfruitful. And it is the primary solution that BTCPanda provides. BTCPanda’s Crowdfunding Structured Network platform gives you, as a member, the resources to build capital through financial aid from the BTCPanda crowdfunding community. All that is required, is that you contribute to the community as well, which in turns provides funding opportunities to other members. As an Equity-based Crowdfunding platform, BTC Panda allows contributors/helpers to receive a financial…

NOT MONITORING / 1st June 2016

HAOBTC INTRODUCTION HAOBTC was incorporated in September, 2014. It is a venture solely owned by Beijing Inevitable Technologies Ltd.. The founding members graduated from some of China’s top-notch universities and previously worked at leading tech companies such as Baidu, Microsoft, etc. Less than two years after its incorporation, HaoBTC has built a user base in excess of 30,000. Its Buy&Sell, which has been in operation for a year, has an accumulated a collective trading volume in excess of RMB one billion. As of today, HaoBTC ranks near top in terms of wallet outbound and inbound transaction volume. In April, 2016, HaoBTC launched Exchange. Within a week, the daily trading volume reaches 3000BTC mark. By all measures, HaoBTC is an up-and-coming star in the digital currency space. Whatever success we have achieved, they owe it to their development prowess, service quality and risk-control measures. HAOBTC FACTS   HAOBTC | NOT MONITORING was last modified: November 17th, 2016 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining