SCAM / 29th August 2016

BTC CLOUD INTRODUCTION BTC CLOUD began researching and working with bitcoin since 2014. Solving the problem of mining crypto currencies with the lowest cost. And today, after 2 years of fruitful work, they have carried out your purpose. Their specialists have developed the production of less expensive cryptocurrency that is backed by bitcoin that allows you to exchange cheap mined cryptocurrency bitcoin no loss in rate. Significantly reduces the cost and return of production, and allows you to bitcoin in real time. Prisoner a mutually beneficial agreement with one of the largest wind farms in Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, Indiana, also significantly affect these figures. To simplify the understanding of their service operation they give every new user 10 KH/s. BTC CLOUD FACTS BTC CLOUD | NOT PAYING was last modified: December 6th, 2016 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining

SCAM / 25th August 2016

HASHPOKE INTRODUCTION HASHPOKE Cloud Mining is a Belgium company registered and established in Herentals. The company was born as a result of studying the Crypto-Currency Industry in depth for the past 2-3 years. They are mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin and some no name Cryptocurrencys. HASHPOKE FACTS HASHPOKE | NOT PAYING was last modified: December 24th, 2016 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining

5MINER 1/10
SCAM / 22nd August 2016

5MINER INTRODUCTION 5MINER is a rapidly developing company in cryptocurrency mining field. They possess a new and unique system of Bitcoin and altcoins mining algorithms. You no longer need to buy expensive equipment and spend time on setting it up. Their huge network allows you to mine any combination of 5 different cryptocurrencies. 5MINER FACTS 5MINER | NOT PAYING was last modified: November 23rd, 2016 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining

SCAM / 19th August 2016

HEXAMINE INTRODUCTION HEXAMINE is the most famous bitcoin mining pool lunched back in 2013.apart from bitcoin mining also trade and exchange bitcoins offers easy setup and advance statistics, as well as guarantees a stable hash rate and immediate mining payout.24/7 technical support and free email notifications make the mining process more accessible and more convenient. Users also have the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies on any bitcoin trading platform while mining them it Hexamine Hexamine  priorities technical advancement for mining and trading options and provides a stable hash rate for its users. For SHA-256 mining relies on PPLNS (“Pay per last N shares”), a reward distribution system, according to which the compensation is given out to shares in an opening beginning with the last registered share going backwards up to a certain number of shares. Shares outside of the opening are not being compensated. Shares are considered to be hashes smaller than the target for difficulty Every hash has the possibility of being a valid share, which equals to 1 in 232. For the reason of gaining a more dispersed and predictable sequence, miners group into pools. In the end, miners are rewarded with coins according to their shares…

SCAM / 16th August 2016

MAXIMUS COIN INTRODUCTION MAXIMUS COIN offers best Bitcoin cloud mining plans with fixed interest. So How do they make profit? Bitcoin mining with new methods and effective algorithms of crypto mining using the latest Antminer S9 machines with very low cost electricity. Cryptocurrency exchange and forex trading. They are doing several types of investments to assure high profit for their clients. They say that they are not HYIP company which offer 200 % in 2 days and then dissappears within couple of weeks but they work hard to build their reputation and strengthen our market position. Where is theri company actually located and is it official? They are licensed company in Czech Republic MAXIMUS COIN FACTS MAXIMUS COIN | NOT PAYING was last modified: October 15th, 2016 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining

NOT MONITORING / 11th August 2016

BITXTRADE INTRODUCTION BITXTRADE present an ambitious team of high level professionals. Their goal is promotion and popularization by any means acceptable for us universal Bitcoin platform, a new generation of cryptocurrency. They have set up a trading company Bitxtrade to participate in exchange processes, for attracting and managing investment assets as well as making profits on the basis of volatility of Bitcoin and increasing number of users. Traders of their company operate with forex and iq option trading. With the excellent iq option,user-friendly trading platform, comprehensive educational material, which are by far the lowest on the binary options trading industry, they really are a force to be reckoned with. Earning with investment is no longer just possible by the rich, as ordinary people now have the same opportunity to start with small amounts, and gradually increase their fortune to the same amounts. Using a variety of trading strategies allows them to make a profit regardless of the economic situation. They trade both the increase and decrease of the Bitcoin rate. Your invested money is guaranteed and quickly multiplied. Thanks to the work of their professional traders. BITXTRADE FACTS BITXTRADE | NOT MONITORING was last modified: March 20th, 2017 by Bitcoin Cloud…