CLOSED / 4th February 2016

ZILLIX INTRODUCTION ZILLIX focus areas is short-term crediting of startups. It is a known fact that banking institutions are reluctant to provide loans for their clients during the economic crisis and try to play safe in every possible way which is disadvantageous for both parties. However, they consider this business area to be very payable. They represent an advanced project based on some conceptually new solutions. It combines knowledge and a wealth of experience in capital investments in foreign exchange transactions and involves the latest achievements in investment marketing. The system is completely automatic. Zillix is a newly established project. It commenced in the middle of 2015 when a group of young specialists appealed to us for financial support in order to save their business. Eventually, they have become our good partners and they are still continuing our fruitful cooperation. Today, their system is being intensively used by customers to invest in ideas that can be put into effect within a short time. They also cooperate with some big companies providing support to them in foreign exchange operations on a daily basis. Their system ensures fast and efficient foreign currency exchange at favourable rates. ZILLIX FACTS ZILLIX | DOMAIN HAS…