SCAM / 25th March 2016

CAPITAL7 idea was conjured even before IBC was established at late 2015 to represent their digital funds platform. They have further assistance from partners in external investment companies with a long history of prosperous work, mainly in the area of finance and investments advice firms where Marvin act as the current CEO and online PR adviser. The name of their firm derived from a simple concept and intent upon which the whole structure operates and holds strong. They intend to help the people who are in struggle and didn’t accumulate the fortune to find their own path to financial freedom.
Over the course of time their team have been active on various lucrative niches constantly pushing up the envelope and evolving further. Recently they have expressed great interest and managed to secure substantial profits on markets including Bitcoin, advanced financial platform and instruments of HY investments. Investing with their financial broker proved to be highly profitable over the long term and with annual steady revenue an idea came to life. They came up with an idea to create a fund that will bind their investment forces and strategies with the rest of the world where even a small investment