SCAM / 14th April 2016

PAYGET is a simple, profitable and fully automated service that free from human factor which will help you to get a passive income. They are glad to show you an intuitive mechanism for making money which lets you earn +50% of profit to the amount invested by you in 30 days. This opportunity is absolutely real because our company is actively diversifying its capital into the rapidly expanding sector of electronic currency exchange. To make it easier to understand the whole mechanism, how they do it and where they get the profit to pay our investors, let us consider at their company activities.
Over eight years, their company develops software for the creation of e-currencies exchange offices. Using their software, a significant number of exchange offices works in the Internet and it should be noted that works properly and without fail. Have you needed to exchange one electronic currency for another or the need to withdraw funds from the EPS to your bank account. Today, in that regard exchange office helps to make this operation for a small commission. It’s convenient, isn’t it? It is convenient because many experienced Internet users remember how they had to resort to help converters from Skype or ICQ.