SCAM / 24th May 2016

ADAMITIX is a completely new approach to investing activities, the essence of which is to invest in profitable projects in countries with rapidly growing economies and a favorable environment for doing business. Investors of Adamitix are individuals who wish to get growing income from their investments without thinking about investment risks associated with the work of professionals.
Investment service Adamitix invests capital into profitable business projects from different fields. Over the years, they have been able to form a team of the best specialists whose work has an indestructible foundation of their success.
Their investment capital is formed from both of their personal savings and contributions from private investors – those who want to engage in investment activity, but do not have any experience in it and necessary knowledge.
Cooperation with investors of their service is performed for a simple algorithm: the investor registers on the project website, in his cabinet adds funds to balance and than opens a deposit. From this moment when a man opened a deposit, they start to invest the money he invested in business projects. It is understood that the profits from the new project can not begin to act immediately on the next day,