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        TOPMINE is a rapidly developing company in cryptocurrency mining field. They possess a new and unique system of Bitcoin and Altcoins mining algorithms, that is an undeniable advantage of their service and provides an alternative for those who want to start mining Bitcoin.

        You no longer need to buy expensive equipment and spend time on setting it up, now you have the possibility to rent their equipment and receive a daily profit from mining cryptocurrency easy and safe.


        Since 11 February 2016

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        From 0.0001 BTC

        ROI (Return on Investment)
        285% Per Year




        English, Russian

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        Love, great payout

        i got my payout, thank u 🙂

        starting today, will see how it works

        Withdrawal pending and shut down my account.

        They does not pay for me!!!!!

        Payout is work now







        Good, Paying!

        i would like to try, can you help me?

        Guys really pay !!! Brought more than 1.5 Bitcoins per month.

        Bro its very slow mining you earn 1.5 Btc..

        Don’t invest. Scam…………Scam…………..

        Hello Guys, be careful of your dealings with this so called I wonder why the rating here for the scam site is so high here? Topmine is a Scam & it’s clear it is. I requested withdrawal today, and at my dashboard, it says transaction completed, I checked my wallet account, and there was nothing there. I tried to check from the transaction ID at which happened to be where the transaction was sent, but I got error message. I contacted customer support about this issue, and was waiting for their reply. I logged off my account, and tried to login again a little like 20mins later after I contacted support to see if the issue has been resolved, then I realized that my account has been suspended. tried requesting a new password, but it says my email can’t be found..

        Do not put your hard earned coins there.,….It’s a Scam..Period.!

        Do not invest here!!! SCAM SITE!!! They are the same people as and Hosting adress is rue kellermann 2 roubaix france on all 3!!!

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        How To Purchase KH’s Power – HashOcean
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        ►STEP 4. To Send your payment. Send the exact amount of Bitcoin to the given Bitcoin Address. Here’s an example:
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        ►STEP 6. All done!

        Có bạn nào có thể hướng giận cho tôi cách làm để tôi đầu từ không… <What is Bitcoin in 2016, youtube video

        TopMine took away BTC withdraw. I cant take my coin because the pull down tab does not have BTC anymore. If anybody is having the same problem please let me know. I can upload coin no problems but to take it is a problem. This cloud might go down the tubes. I read there news and they are having technical difficulty with transactions of the “BTC”. I hope this Cloud fixes the problem and stays up and running.

        Don’t invest. Scam…………Scam…………..

        TeraX cost reduced all investments to 41.7% : This is SCAM !!! ??? Date:2016-06-17 11:13:13

        We inform our customers that due to the preparing project to the complication of Bitcoin mining, cost per one unit of TeraX has been reduced to 0.05$ from 0.12$ !!! This is SCAM !!! ???

        So far no problems. When Bitcoin withdraw was down I started to mine Doge and I had no problems with the withdrawing of 1500 Doge. TopMine warned us they had a problems not like other sites where they screw you out of your coin or give us no warning at all. I hope the site stays up and continues to offer us great service.

        If cost per one unit of TeraX has been reduced to 0.0005 $ what you say then ?

        Most of Cloud services are doing the same thing. Some are possibly cash cowing and running out but that’s the risk you take when mining on other companies miners. I have my own Antminers and profit is hard to make when you pay your own power but you would make full profit if you buy solar systems. And by the way its not 0.0005 its 0.05 per TeraX. Some companies cant afford to upgrade to the new Antminer S9’s so they will close down and screw us all. RISK is always going to be a factor of online mining.

        virou scam mesmo , meu pagamento tem 2 horas q nao cai ,…

        opaaa ,…meu pagamento demorou mas caiuuu , vamos ver como a empresa vai fica daqui para frente

        To TopMine. Pay me back if you are Human enough! 1LrsgrXb4cTbA95BwiTiKKbh5q5tC4iavp

        I have just bought terax yesterday and I already got 1% of my total investment. Way to go topmine. I hope you will continue in your good service and greatly continue to give passive income to the users.

        Yep I have successfully transferred bitcoins I have mined to my bank account through my wallet.

        It looks like “THIS IS IT”!!! (( :)))

        They runaway already T^T r.i.p

        Yep, confirmed they are gone. Servers done figured they would scam just like everyone else.

        They just disappeared so please change them to Scam

        Like I said online mining is a “RISK” these money grabber bastards will just create another site like this one and do it all over again. Stop investing in shady Cloud sites and buy some solar panels and grid ties and a few Antminers then you will get 100% profit. Think on how much you have lost doing this you could have bought a crap load of panels and miners by now. These F..K’n bastards stole from over 100000 people imagine we all had 1 bitcoin that would be 100000 Bitcoin gone. I wish the government gets involved and make them pay. I will never trust the sites from certain countries whom I will never invest in again. So far Russia and the UK don’t have a good reputation in my book. Think about it what comes around goes around.

        To TopMine. Pay me back if you are Human enough! 1LrsgrXb4cTbA95BwiTiKKbh5q5tC4iavp

        got me ………….

        scam stole my money and site is gone

        i can’t access my account it says 404 ERROR what is that suppose to mean…? help here pls

        there gone .

        All cloudming sites ‘re bastards….now Topmine is gone just like Hashocean gone too yesterday

        Now I cant login this site..when i try to login..then the site showing …Forbidden

        You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
        what can I do…my deposit lose..!!!!

        Alex, I got the same information when ever i try to go to the site and this happen after i have deposited 0.00040000 in to my account. and i can’t reach them I fuck us , fraud . grime . you would not pay our price . What do you no easy holding our money like this anywhere of Other People ? motorways of the death grip it your mother us .

        que paso con topmine ya no deja entrar

        I can’t enter the site any more……. , are topmine same like the other ‘SCAM”?…..

        Where my btc

        Indidnt get mines yet