BETSTAR: The global sports betting market is an incredibly lucrative industry and is estimated to be worth an astounding $1.3 trillion dollars. Unfortunately, most people who try to make money in sports betting end up losing over the long term due to the seemingly unpredictable nature of sports.

BetStar was formed in the U.K. by a team of professional sports bettors with a track record of consistently making winning picks. They have started this company to give ordinary people the opportunity to earn a guaranteed and stable income, with the advantage of a professional team working for them.

Their team takes a technical and analytic approach to sports betting that could be compared to currency or stock trading instead of simply “gambling”. They use a system of powerful algorithms and specially developed software to assist us in making picks that maximize their winnings while minimizing losses. This is combined with their money management systems that hedge against any potential losses that may be encountered, and guarantees that they earn consistent profits on a long-term basis.


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