BITMINISTER is glad to present you not unique, but quite profitable kind of investment – Bitcoin cloud mining. Now to get cryptocurrency, you don’t need to be owner of superpower technical base or to count the cost of labor-intensive process. It’s sufficed to become one of their customers and get a profit for the period which you can choose yourself. Their proposal works on an ongoing basis, and the amount invested by you will be bringing you a profit every hour, until you decide to stop working with us.

The company, which offers such great earnings – Bit Minister Limited – has long established itself as a reliable financial partner and is widely known in circles of cryptomining professionals. They have started building own data centers to accommodate mining farms in the north of the United Kingdom and the United States in 2014. Joint ASIC network is highly productive and very expensive to service and timely modernization. Initially, the team of owners this mining equipment attracted private capital, but with the growth of the network was also continued growing demand for funding.

In 2016, Harrison Rowley registered the company in London, where are headquarter and main mining equipment. Today Bit Minister Limited is involved in attracting of international investment. Unlike similar investment proposals of cloud mining the company doesn’t sell capacities and doesn’t submit them for rent. Your investments are working to repay bank loans for the purchase of warehouse space and equipment, as well as covering the operating costs associated with energy supply and servicing of effective cooling systems of data centers. The team of company technical support includes professional and experienced programmers and also specialists in the field of crypto mining.


ROI (Return on Investment)

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