INDACOIN INTRODUCTION INDACOIN is a company based in the UK, With an impressive, modern website and with their announcement on zero fees for execution of limit orders, Indacoin [READ MORE] SHAPESHIFT INTRODUCTION SHAPESHIFT is a new piece of infrastructure in Bitcoinland. It is how digital currency exchange should work. From start to finish you can change currencies in [READ MORE] HAOBTC INTRODUCTION HAOBTC was incorporated in September, 2014. It is a venture solely owned by Beijing Inevitable Technologies Ltd.. The founding members graduated from some of China’s top-notch [READ MORE] MAGNETIC EXCHANGE INTRODUCTION MAGNETIC EXCHANGE provides a cumulative discount program and a loyalty program for returning customers. If you’d like to start getting extra discounts and special bonuses [READ MORE] RCHANGE INTRODUCTION RCHANGE is a Seychelles company that is providing e-wallet top-up and withdrawal service in small and medium quantity. They devote theirselves to providing stable, efficient and [READ MORE] CHANGER INTRODUCTION CHANGER is an automatic platform that streamlines the exchange from one digital currency to another digital currency in an instant manner. No account needed! If you [READ MORE] CRYPTO EXCHANGERS was last modified: April 10th, 2016 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining

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