12th April 2016
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Payza is an Indian Scam, for Indian called FAIROZ PATEL..
And it’s is the worst payment processor that ever exist. Reason below:
1- Customer service is very poor.
2- Count verification taking up to 4 weeks or more.
3- Sending Funds & withdrawal taking up to 2 weeks or more.
4- The most idiot thing is that your money is NOT SECURE while lying in your Payza account, since they can reverse your cash balance without a single notification and at any given time, and they can do this even after submitting your withdrawal request and getting Payza confirmation that transaction is under process, Then BOOM, your Money gone with a click” and send one single email as if you are a thief, saying this “the Payment you have received is Fraudulent”
I’ve lost over 3500USD from my hard earned cash
My advice to everyone “Stay away from Payza is a big SCAM”!!!!!
If you don’t believe me!! “Payza doors are open 24/7 go and try and you will learn”