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SCAM / 23rd February 2016

OXBTC INTRODUCTION OXBTC is a cryptocurrency investment service platform which integrates cloud hash power purchase, trading and Bitcoin deposit investment products. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can purchase, trade cloud hash power and invest in Bitcoin deposit to enjoy the world’s highest Bitcoin ROI. OXBTC was founded in October 2014 by several well-established investors in China. They have an experienced R&D team who has been in the Bitcoin industry for many years. Their long-time experience in Bitcoin mining and farm deployment supports their success and leadership in China’s Bitcoin mining industry. Meanwhile, Their Global Mining Network consists of many reliable partners to make the best of global resources and deliver the most cost-efficient hashing power. OXBTC’s mission is to connect global cryptocurrency lovers together and provide excellent goods and services for all of you. Benefited by a very competitive electricity cost and the economy of scale, OXBTC has deployed 3 of China’s largest mining farms in Sichuan, Ordos and Inner Mongolia. Till now, OXBTC has been running 5.6 PH/s hashing power with the electricity cost as low as 15 cents per kWH. Backed by partners that bring the most cost efficient Bitcoin/Litecoin miners in the world, OXBTC provides the most stable and profitable…

SCAM / 17th January 2016

GIGAHASH INTRODUCTION GIGAHASH offers Bitcoin Cloud Services an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with the complex hardware and software setup. The company is registered in Varna, Bulgaria / European Union and operate under EU and Bulgarian law. They start mining on December 2013 and continue to grow in 2014. Тhe idea to create a company and launch their own business came after several private investors wanted to invest money in crypto currency like Bitcoin. Their first investor was a sailor who wanted at all costs to invest in Bitcoin, but knew nothing about mining hardware. The services they offer are geared to such clients. Understand the importance and future of crypto currencies, but lack the necessary knowledge and free time to dig alone. Мinimum percentage of all competitors are actually real companies with real hardware. Time and our customers will prove that we are not phantoms. GIGAHASH FACTS GIGAHASH | NOT PAYING was last modified: September 8th, 2017 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining

SCAM / 11th November 2015

TERABOX INTRODUCTION TERABOX is using one of the most advanced bitcoin miners on the market today with great efficiency therefore lower power costs and low maintenance fees. TeraBox has a powerful network of ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) powered computers specifically designed to mine bitcoins. The power those machines generate is used to solve blocks which in turn will reward you with bitcoins. The power generated to be able to mine bitcoins is called “Hashing Power”. They sell hashing power in the form of bitcoin mining contracts which are measured in Gigahashes per second(GH/s). The more GH/s you purchase the more bitcoins you will be able to mine. TERABOX FACTS TERABOX | NOT PAYING was last modified: December 31st, 2017 by Bitcoin Cloud Mining

SCAM / 10th November 2015

SKYCOINLAB INTRODUCTION SKYCOINLAB is a company that has incorporated state of the art mining equipment, secure website and software incorporated for ease of use. Their support team cares, and are available live 24/7. SkycoinLab’s deepest desire is to ensure a financially secure future, that will be long term for our customers. Their goal was to have all the mechanisms is place for you the customer to experience the excitement of earning money and not have all the stress’s that go along with mining. At SkyCoinLab they want their valued customers to have faith in their Company, to see their values are based on integrity and experience from many years of hard work World Wide on the internet. Their quest is to manage your account with SkyCoinLab through their commitment to personalized, world-class service. Members of SkyCoinLab management team, they provide the highest level of quality mining management in the industry. They believe that consistent, ethical and quality performance with their customers, will result in loyal, long-term relationships. They believe their service should exceed industry standards and be the best value for the customer. They will create a profit that will enhance the lives their members for the long term through their commitment and services. They believe…