FIXHASH company was founded in 2015. They have been placed in Copenhagen, Denmark. They got 324 Asic Scrypt Miners A2 Terminator and they are looking forward with the possibility of increasing the volume of production in the future.

Their contracts are lifelong. Moneyback guarantee in 30 days. The price of 1 KH/s ~0.000675 BTC (depends on mining difficulty). The earnings per day for 0.0000054086 BTC (depends on mining difficulty). Payback period is ~124 days. Power – 35 640 000 KH/s – 35 640 MH/s – 35.64 GH/s (SCRYPT).


ROI (Return on Investment)

fixhash.comDOMAIN REGISTRATION 4 April 2016 – EXPIRES ON 4 April 2018 (2 YEARS)REGISTERED IN DENMARK – NAMESILO. More information on
FIXHASH Bernstorffsgade 4 1577 Copenhagen


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