So, a scammer is creating fake coins on defi exchange… similar to existing HYIPs, or coins waiting to be listed on the exchange, or by some other principle.


Examples of freshly created custom fake tokens at


ARTi mimics an existing ARTI ARTi Project token


MTK – mimics existing MTK Metakings token


CHER mimics the existing CHER Cherry Network token


Freshly created fake tokens on are actively promoted by the scammer on Telegram from several info-channels:


  • Bitcoin to be
  • Cryptanut
  • Cryptomarathon
  • Crypto vip channel


Tells us how powerful we will earn, how he himself bought a token for several thousand bucks, that the price has already increased several times, and we hope to see some more X’s ahead. Scamer copies the same text, with the same spelling and punctuation errors. Posts identical messages at the same time. In addition to its own info-channels, probably buys ads on the regular news channels. May swap ads with the regular info channels. Creates a kind of plausibility.


In parallel with the advertising of his malicious tokens, the scammer buys them from himself on the exchange, the price of the token on the exchange rises, the sucker buys the token, the price rises again. The scammer is happy, the sucker is also happy.


The moment of epiphany arrives. The sucker tries to fix part of the profit, but the exchange tells him that there is no way. The input token cannot be transferred. There may be an issue with the input token. There may be an issue with the input token that the sucker is trying to switch back. It seems that only the scammer can withdraw profit from the fake malicious coin contract.


By nc2pd

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