In October 2021, Chinese mining giant Bitmain released the flagship ASIC miner Antminer D7, focused on mining Dash, Axe, Onix and other cryptocurrencies based on the x11 algorithm.

Today we will briefly talk about Bitmain Antminer D7 and find out if it is worth buying in 2023.


Bitmain Antminer D7 review

The first thing to remember is the old Antminer D3, introduced in September 2017, when instead of the promised $200 per day, miners received only $8.

After that Bitmain forgot about Dash mining for a year, but in November 2018 introduced the Antminer D5, which was almost a dozen times more productive than the D3.

It was replaced by the Antminer D7 with low power consumption and good power.

The manufacturer announced the characteristics of the Antminer D7:

  • Algorithm – X11;
  • Hash rate – 1.286 Th;
  • Power Consumption – 3,148 watts;
  • Noise level – 75dB;
  • Weight – 14.2 kg;
  • Price – $4000 new;
  • Like the Chinese Bitmain mining devices, Antminer D7 has a horizontal aluminum case with powerful coolers and built-in power supply. In principle, particularly no differences from the past devices here, except for some design elements.

By the way, as of December 22, 2022, Antminer D7 has almost no competitors. This is the only really powerful miner for Dash.


Antminer D7 profitability and payback

Solid hash rate of 1.28 Th/s provides miners income of about $220 per month, which is $2600 per year. And this is for a moment a miner which is already more than a year old (since the start of sales).

Given the Antminer D7 price of $4000, the payback will be 18 months or a year and a half Of course, the rate of return will decrease, so it is better to count on a two-year payback.

If the price of DASH will show an upward trend, the miner can even pay for itself in less than a year.

To sum it up

If you believe in the great future of Dash, then buying Antminer D7 is the best, profitable decision.

For the average yield on Dash-stacking is 5-6% per annum, so unambiguously mining it asike – it is extremely profitable, but again – counting on the long term.

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