NANO TECHNOLOGIES INVESTMENTS was started in 2011 when a group of scientists and entrepreneurs of 11 got together to solve their common tasks. Their common task was to open a lab. During this meeting they learned about another project that was also going to bring in lots of profits if supported appropriately. It turned out that in order to put this project into practice each of the participants had the necessary experience and resources that allowed to resolve this type of a task continuously.

One person could provide expert assistance, provide for financial infusions, resolve relevant human resource issues that the company was immediately facing. The group was mainly formed by long time friends, peers and scientific colleagues. The majority of members of this company have received such great payments that they are no longer actively participating in management and are delegating decision making to the council board.

The scientific council was formed in 2013. It united 30 scientific experts who are always changing. Each person gets on that list depending on the results of their work, and the possibility to put in useful experience into the common business. Due to this council they have significantly expanded the spectrum of provided financial services and were able to start the service of investing for online clients.

Some of the founders are part of the Scientific council. The scientific council works with the selection of projects, as well as setting up the filter through which these projects go through the preliminary selection process. They are continuously expanding the lists, and are working with numerous start-ups and other options of using innovation in a very wide meaning. 


ROI (Return on Investment) DOMAIN REGISTRATION 24 November 2014 – EXPIRES ON 19 November 2024 (10 YEARS)REGISTERED IN UNITED KINGDOM – ENOM. More information on Whois


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