VITAL RETURN INTRODUCTION VITAL RETURN offices in London give them a broad geographic reach across all over the world. Additionally, their global strategic relationships in Asia, North America, and the Middle East open doors for their portfolio companies to access global markets, supply chains, and manufacturing opportunities. Europe is the source of rapid, disruptive advanced materials innovation. Innovation is occurring against a backdrop of increasing market interest in new materials-related technologies coupled with a strong public demand and attractive financial incentives for the adoption of clean technology. This is being driven partially by unprecedented amounts of research and development at universities, national research centers, and early-stage companies. Leveraging billions of dollars in government funding, European scientists and engineers are at the forefront of transitioning novel, innovative materials technology from academia to industry. This critical support for early stage research and innovation creates tremendous opportunity for complimentary venture capital investment.

Asia has become increasingly important in VitalReturn’s deal flow. Well-established academic leadership has nurtured a culture of technical innovation, resulting in a wealth of breakthrough advanced materials companies. However, the Asian venture capital market is somewhat less competitive than in Europe or North America, which means that the Asian deals often have very

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